The Case for Football

Though it is Monday, not Sunday, and I’m going against the whole title of this blog- i dun even cur.

This is because the most wonderful time of the year is upon us. That’s right- football season! I can almost hear the groaning coming from my girlfriend when she sees NFL Redzone on the 65″ and Fantasy Football Game Tracker on the iPad.

Ladies (and Gentlemen), when your football-obsessed partner is in the midst of cheering on his/her home team and/or fantasy players, try not to see it as a bad thing, but as an opportunity! An opportunity to not hear him/her complain about work or school or any other redundant topic they’ve been yakking about all week. In fact, football season should be the time of year when your partner is most cooperative and productive! I’ll explain:

If your household is anything like mine, and there is a divide in the relationship about football- or sports, in general- (ie. you love it, but your significant other wishes it would die) you need to compromise. In my case, this means that for me to be able to spend all of my Sunday (and Thursday, Monday nights) completely engulfed in the “300-lb men killing each other for a ball”, it is guaranteed that I will have to spend any non-football related TV hours watching “90-lb women killing each other for a handbag” AKA The Real Housewives of Somewhere AKA any show on the BRAVO network AKA my girlfriend’s weapon of choice.

Furthermore: to ensure that I don’t miss a coveted  kickoff return for a TD, I like to make sure that before Sunday 1:00PM ET rolls around, the trash is taken out, the dishes are done, the pups have enough food and water, I’ve put all my clothes in the laundry room, I’ve made the bed, and the toilet seat is down. HINT: I even like to throw in a little vacuuming to really ease the blow of not giving B my undivided attention for the next 10 hours (foot rubs also go a long way).

And if your football fan of a husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t think to do any of the aforementioned by him/herself, then don’t be afraid to bring it up. Who knows? Maybe you can get them to hang up that shelf that’s been in the storage room for three weeks, or (unlike me) if they can cook, maybe ask them to prepare a full course dinner meal for you on Saturday night. I see nothing wrong with bargaining when you both get something in return!

And so, my friends, good luck, happy footballing, and Fins Up!


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